Monarca pan integral Monarca 22 panes

EAN code : 7441029518009

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Product features

Product visual : Monarca pan integral Monarca

Monarca pan integral Monarca 22 panes, code 7441029518009
Monarca pan integral Monarca 22 panes

EAN-13 code :

EAN code 7441029518009, code barre Monarca pan integral Monarca 22 panes

The product has the EAN code 7441029518009, it is called Monarca pan integral of the brand Monarca, it is distributed with a quantity of 22 panes. It contains 5 additives the details of which can be found below.

Nutritional values :

Nutritional values
Nutrition Facts
Serving size
Amount per serving
% Daily values *
Fat 0.0 g0 %
Saturated Fat 0.3 g2 %
Salt 0.2 g3 %
Sodium 0.1 g4 %
Carbohydrates 9.0 g3 %
fiber 0.8 g3 %
Sugars 1.1 g1 %
Proteins 2.0 g4 %

Nutritional Scores

21 KJ
5 kcal
Nutritional values per 100g.
The percentage is based on the daily intake for an average 2000 calorie diet.

Highly processed foods

Nova score 4 : Highly processed foods

Description :

  • Monarca pan integral Monarca 22 panes
  • Brand : Monarca
  • Quantity : 22 panes
  • Main category : no information
  • Related categories : no information
  • Type of packaging : Plastico
  • Classification : no information
  • Date the product was added : 13 Oct 2020

Location of production and sales

  • Origin of the ingredients : no information
  • Place of manufacture or processing : no information
  • Country of sale :
  • Sales signs : no information

How many calories in the product Monarca pan integral ?

Each 100g portion of the product "Monarca pan integral Monarca 22 panes" contains 5 kcal (21 KJ). The pie chart below shows the calorie distribution of the product according to the type of nutrients.
Calorie distribution by fat, protein and carbohydrates for the product Monarca pan integral Monarca 22 panes

Ingredients, composition

Food composition

Ingredients :

harina de trigo integral (harina de trigo fortificada (niacina (vitamina b3), hierro, tiamina (vitamina b1), riboflavina (vitamina b2), ácido fólico (vitamina b9), salvado, acemite y germen de trigo), agua, azúcar, gluten de trigo, levadura, grasa 100% vegetal de palma, sal yodada, emulsificantes (ésteres de ácido diacetil tartárico de mono y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos, monoglicéridos de ácidos grasos), conservantes (propionato de calcio, sorbato de potasio, ácido sórbico, benzontode sodio), agentes de tratamiento de la harina (fosfato monocálcico cloruro de amonio), reculadores de acidez (acido ascórbico, ácido cítrico. contiene: gluten. elaborado en equipos que proresan productos que contienen: soya, leche huevo, ajonjolí, nuez

List of product ingredients Monarca pan integral Monarca 22 panes

Contains at least one ingredient derived from palm oil.

Contains gluten

Additives :

  • E200 - Sorbic acid
  • E202 - Potassium sorbate
  • E282 - Calcium propionate
  • E300 - Ascorbic acid (L-)
  • E330 - Citric acid
AdditivesAdditive NameToxicity
E200 Sorbic acid
E202 Potassium sorbate
E282 Calcium propionate
to moderate
E300 Ascorbic acid (L-)
No Danger Known
E330 Citric acid
to moderate

Allergens :

Substances likely to cause intolerances and allergies(*) :

(*) According to the analysis of the ingredients

Presence of possible traces of :

EAN code 7441029518009

The EAN code 7441029518009 corresponds to the product Monarca pan integral described above.

EAN code 7441029518009, Monarca pan integral Monarca 22 panes
EAN : 7441029518009

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